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The St. Philip House program is comprised of several different components.   The main areas of our program are listed below:

  • Housing
  • Case Management
  • Educational Programs
  • HIV/AIDS Education
  • Client Education  



The residential piece of our program is our primary focus.  We have 8 one bedroom apartments in Plainville, as well as additional subsidies in the Central Connecticut area.  Financial arrangements are made through the Case Managers and Program Manager.  Potential clients are required to meet standard guidelines.  

One of the programs offered at St. Philip House is the Rapid Re-Housing Program. This program offers funding assistance to individuals who are HIV + and homeless. The funding assists those found eligible and helps with the continuing goal of ending homelessness, through a communitywide planning process and implementation strategy, known as the Coordinated Access Network (CAN).

Cities in Connecticut have identified local agencies with a proven track record of successful prevention to allocate scarce community resources strategically and efficiently.  The  Rapid Re-Housing Program funds may provide stabilization services; financial assistance for leasing and security deposits; referrals to employment, healthcare, and related services within the community.

You can learn about housing opportunities, if you are in need, by calling the St. Philip House Office at 860-793-2221.



Case Management 

St. Philip House is fortunate to have two caring case managers who work closely with our clients. Our staff is well trained and able to meet the needs of our clients and help them with their basic needs. Our Case Management includes:

  • Collaborating with various health and community agencies that provide services to those with HIV/AIDS
  • Referrals to medical, mental, substance abuse and home care as needed
  • Provide crisis intervention
  • Develop care plans for clients
  • provide pastoral and bereavement services to clients and families as needed
  • Monitor medical adherence of clients
  • Ensure safe residencies are maintained



Educational Programs

The educational program at St. Philip House is has several components. The first is related to HIV/AIDS education, and the second is related to providing our clients with the resources to continue the life education.



HIV/AIDS Education

HIV/AIDS is still an illness that requires education. As progress has been made with living with this chronic illness, awareness has dwindled. Over 10,000 people have benefited from versions of the AIDS 101 prevention education programs and award winning curriculum. Many of our clients take pride in knowing that their stories and knowledge can bring awareness to our community. High Schools and Colleges in the Central Connecticut area frequently request our stories to be told to their staff and students through an open forum. Our clients share their stories, family members of clients as well as staff have provide insight on living with HIV and prevention to many students in our constituency. Students inevitably ask various questions since HIVAIDS awareness is in short supply. Our staff frequently shares statistics, provides practical advice on prevention, and resources. Should any of the students want testing, or confidential counseling that information is made available.

To request a speaking engagement, please contact:

Christina Caron (Program Manager)

Office:  (860) 263-4435
Cell:  (860) 936-1010



Client Education
Many of our clients, or family members of clients who are also in our program wish to continue their education. St. Philip House is proud to provide support in their endeavors. Through financial support that is made possible by our supporters, we often aid in the purchase of educational materials and tuition assistance as needed. Continuing education is an important part of the mental and emotional recovery of people living with HIV/AIDS.




Click here to view a list of Resources for HIV/AIDS services and information.



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